About OzKidz

About Us

At Oz Kidz we believe that children can unlock their full potential by learning  and exploring in a safe and family-like environment.

Our family owned and operated business was established in 2005 to provide care and an educational experience for their children.

Management took 10 years of experience in the industry and developed a purpose built centre and combined it experienced and qualified staff to serve the community and improve the lives of children.

Our Vision

To provide children a place where they can unlock their best by learning, exploring and growing together.

Core Values


We strive to care for our children and families to provide a safe and happy place.


Oz Kidz is a place of learning, with an active curriculum and a learning program for children to develop key skills before heading off to school and achieving great things.


We embrace diversity  and strive to enrich the lives of children and families with the best things diverse cultures have to offer our community.

We ensure that children from diverse backgrounds feel welcome and valued as part of the mosaic that is Australia.


The services provided are for the community and we acknowledge the importance of the community in our decision making process. From our parents, staff and other stakeholders we value the input we obtain from them and work to support their needs.