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  • We empower children through listening, fostering and scaffolding their ideas within our program, and assisting them with Belonging, Being and Becoming. Developing confidence and self esteem.
  • Staff role model and guide children’s behavior using appropriate strategies.
  • We view children as capable learners and use their interests and ideas as a basis for extending on different aspects of the curriculum.
  • Children’s individuality is valued throughout the program and used as a way of integrating aspects of their home and community life into the centre curriculum.


  • Staff use honest and open ended communication with the children and one another to provide a consistent service for the children and families.
  • Staff are respectful and accepting of each other’s diverse backgrounds and use their experiences to strengthen the program.
  • Staff support each other in their professional development through sharing skills, strengths and knowledge with one another.
  • Intentional teaching strategies are adopted throughout the program to extend children’s learning and development.


  • Community involvement is valued at the service and local and broader community issues are integrated into the program as children learn about social justice.
  • The program provided for the children is reflective of the local and broader communities and teaches children to be active members of the community.
  • The service strives to participate in local community events, as we understand the importance of community involvement within early year’s education.


  • Children’s sense of belonging, being, and becoming is strengthened as families and educators work together to provide a consistency between different environments.
  • Cultural competence is promoted at the service as families and educators work collaboratively to introduce aspects of the children’s home environment and therefore culture into the service.
  • We respect and value all cultural backgrounds.
  • The individual needs and experiences of families are respected as they are encouraged to participate in the service and curriculum development and delivery.


  • The environment is a fundamental aspect of the program as children learn about and implement sustainable practices.
  • The environment is reflective of the children, families, staff and community.
  • We aim to provide a homelike, comfortable environment for children and their families.
  • The learning environment is designed to meet the ever changing ideas and needs of the children and families within the service.
  • We strive to provide an environment that safely challenges and supports children to take on new challenges and learning.